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Game Mechanics

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Game Mechanics

We’re going to talk about Onboarding and the game mechanic called Onboarding. What is it? How the player acquires the necessary skills, knowledge, and behaviors to become effective.

This can be in the form of tutorials, orientation, or a help section, but it’s more than that. Think of how you’re actually navigating users through your entire experience and how you’re providing them help when they need it, how they need it, in bite-size chunks. Because we all know, nobody’s going to read the help menu or the workbook that goes with the program, they’re going to just start pulling stuff out and start playing with your website.

So the thing is, the first time the user lands on your website, what icons or pop-ups are going to pop-up to say, “Click here to join our newsletter,” “Click here to access our latest videos,” “Click here to unlock 500 extra points.” “Click on this button and that is what this means.”

It’s how you navigate users through the entire experience for them to achieve their goal. It’s very important because what you don’t want to do, you don’t want to create overwhelm. A lot of the time when we deliver products or service to people, they just get “Boom—here’s this massive box, I know you don’t how to use it and I know you want to get started fast.” So why don’t you want to create a quick start guide for people? Here’s how to get started in the next two minutes or less.

How do you create onboarding services of tutorials and training and encore training to give users? How do you give them 15 minutes of encore support where you’ll answer their questions? You give them 15 or 30 minutes of support every week on a webinar or a conference call.

How are you recording training videos and providing them access to see how to use this? How are you creating a user-based frequently asked questions section where they can go and ask their questions and users and other people in your community that you’re creating or answering and helping people actually use your products and services? How are you actually allowing users to create new ways and new exciting ways to actually use or consume your product and service?

This is all great things that actually can come from onboarding and letting users know about all the amazing features and community and support groups that you have available to them to help them win and achieve their goal.

Onboarding really helps users win and achieve their goal in breaking things down into bite-size pieces that they can accomplish the way the user actually needs to accomplish things.

So think about how you’re actually going to onboard people, think about onboarding as the way you actually board an aircraft. Nowadays you have to go through security, then you get to the gate, then you get your ticket stamped, and then you get to go sit in your seat subject to your hierarchy or status and then if you’re last on the plane, well, you may not have any room for your luggage. There’s now incentives to upgrade because you get access to different premium services if you’re in first class or business class, you get champaign and a fresh meal when you sit on the plane.

But then when you’re onboarded, you get different safety instructions to board you onto the plane, to show you where the exits are and you get different privileges that start to help you actually enjoy the plane ride so it’s a fun and relaxing experience.

So how are you actually designing and creating a relaxing, fun, and exciting experience for your clients to actually consume your product some more with more vigor and intensity? Have you ever thought about that? If not, what the hell have your marketing people actually been focused on?

Now this is where you need to think about designing the user experience, designing the user interface to be maximized for the user experience. The team here at iGamify can dramatically help you improve your current on-page optimization, your entire website, engagement, retention, and momentum experience, and it’s one of the customized services we have available.

So tell me the best onboarding experience you’ve ever seen from a website or from a business. Tell me how you’re using onboarding in your own website or your own business so we can actually start helping each other on how to optimize the onboarding experience and really how to design a successful onboarding framework that you know is going to work.

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