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API Directory

This is a directory of the operations currently supported by the API and other documentation
to help you get started quickly. This is where all the techie stuff happens, if you don't have a tech on call don't worry the IGamify Team can help you with our Done-For-You solutions. We have made it easy to give you the help you need, when you need, it so you can win! 

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Quick Start – An introduction to important concepts you should understand before using the API.
Versions – The currently supported versions.
Authentication – An explanation of authentication and authorization procedures.
Response Codes – A summary of codes you may receive after making a call.


Log Event – Log an event performed by a profile.


Get Profile Summary – Retrieve points, levels and recent earned achievements for a profile.
Create/Update Profile – Create or update a profile with other data.
Add Profile Identifier – Add an additional identifier to a profile.


Get Profile Achievements – Retrieve completed and available achievements for a profile.
Get Achievements – Retrieve all achievements defined in the system.


Get Profile Points – Retrieve points for a profile.
Update Profile Points – Manually adjust points for a profile.


Get Leaderboard (Points) – Retrieve the leaderboard ordered by the number of points earned.


Get Profile Challenges – Retrieve completed and available challenges for a profile.
Get Challenges – Retrieve all challenges defined in the system.


Get Profile Goals – Retrieve completed and available goals for a profile.
Get Goals – Retrieve all goals defined in the system.


Get Profile Notifications – Retrieve new achievement, challenge and level notifications for a profile.

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