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2-Way Automated Conversations That Create an Individual Experience That Converts!
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Interactive Text Messaging is the Next & Long
Awaited Evolution of SMS Marketing

Interactive SMS Really Does Work!

Don't get left behind - they are used by some of the most successful companies in the world


Why Use Our SMS Text Message Platform?

Our Text message platform is a true two way conversation system.



Fun Adventures

Explore With Family & Friends

Rewards, Prizes, Coupons & Deals

Increased Foot Traffic

New Avenues For Advertising

New Business, Increased sales


Interactive SMS Demo

Don't get left behind - they are used by some of the most successful companies in the world





Our Text message platform is a true two way conversation system.

With our Webhooks you can pass any information, from any conversation or even the entire
conversation to your CRM system of choice.

That's right you can collect a persons email address in the text message conversation and have
your CRM system send the email, or schedule a sales call, or even send direct
mail piece all from a text message conversation.

You are only limited by your imagination. But it gets even better with our Integration package we
can make the system do anything you want, as we will do it or you. 


2 Way Conversational Text

Dynamic interactive conversations that adapt to your users response

Qualify and interact automatically with your customers in new ways.

ot only can you broadcast internationally you can hold fun conversations with your customers.


Our dynamic text conversations are not like any other text message platforms.

Our system has been design to be two way dynamic for conversations, not like those one way broadcast Text (SMS) platforms that can only deliver coupons, with no user response.


Automated content delivery and lead gathering that grows your business.

We can hold a conversation, extract that information pass that to CRMs, deliver coupons, videos, links, process payments, or even complete web forms, surveys or questionnaires all via real time text message conversations. 


Gamified User Experience

Gamification to the core of our system design ensuring your user experience is fun and addictive using our latest user engagement technologies. With do this with a fun points system, badges, leaderboards, activity feeds with website online and offline marketing integration.

Conversation Blueprint Library

We make it easy for you to get started to increase your engagement with our conversation blueprints. These prebuilt conversations will get you started within minutes to get your customers talking.

Scavenger Hunt Blueprints

Engage your customers with our fun and addictive scavenger hunt game blueprints. You will have new experiences to get your customers interacting and excited to be involved with you. Perfect for trade shows, local businesses, events, expos, self guided tours, radio shows, and much more.

Trivia Game Blueprints

We all like to test our knowledge and our trivia conversation games allow full interaction along with new ways to reward users with coupons or other prizes for participating.

Time Base Response

Think of our conversation system as the email auto responder for text messages. It allows you to trigger dynamic behaviors based on the rules you setup. iGTxt is the glue that will make your sales, marketing and promotional material addictive fun and profitable.

Website Integration

What to connect your text message marketing campaigns to your website, well we have you covered. We are even rolling out a live chat system based on your customer being able to text in, or you respond via text message. This is the future of live chat and interactive chat support and we are making it standard with every account.

Voice Broadcast

Send personalized recorded messages to your clients based on the information they are asking about in your text conversations.

Phone Call Forwarding

If your user calls the cell phone number we provide you, we will forward that call anywhere you want, we can even setup different numbers to call via the txt messages we send.

Real Cell Phone Numbers

We use real phone numbers, not those funny looking short code numbers. You text real numbers every day, that is normal behavior, so we took this normal daily behavior and built it into our system. What that means for you is that your get an increase in the number of people who will opt-in aka engage with your mobile marketing campaigns….if you want a short code, don't worry we have those as well.

Postal Address Validation

Our system is connected into USPS to postal address validation, so we can validate that address before you sell that postcard, direct mail piece. This will save you time and money and ensure your direct mail gets delivered the first time. Oh if you didn't work it out we can have your user text their address when we ask them, validate their address in real time, get their confirmation and then send that information to your CRM system to facilitate your direct mail….cool eh!

Offline Print Material Library & Resources

Make your text message marketing and sales process easy with our proven to engage marketing swipe files. If you want something special we can even help you with that. Our job is to help you win the customer engagement battle.


Want to See How it Works?

Road Trip to Australia!

You are heading downunder to Australia and on your journey you are going to visit the Big Banana a fun tourist attraction.

It is the Largest Banana in the world.

When you arrive to the Big Banana you see they have setup a Text Scavenger and Trivia Game which you love playing because you get great coupons, prizes and rewards for having fun.

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