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Scott Dantema

Director of Distribution - Cofounder

Scott Dantema is a successful well known internet marketing/e-commerce professional with over a decade of experience. He specializes in Mobile App Development & Design strategies that incorporates the new science of the Gamification process.

He has worked with individuals & companies in very competitive environments with great success.  He knows which internet/ mobile marketing strategies deliver success & which ones are certain to jeopardize your future user involvement & profits.

Scott recognizes that the future success of any industry is by adopting & integrating the new Gamification techniques that engage, educate and secure user trust and loyalty.

Scott also has the experience with the following below:

  • National expansion of new business through online/offline based marketing techniques and webinar programs
  • Planning & Development: Web Design Summary/Sales Funnel Development/Website Construction/Landing Page Strategy/Keyword Analysis/Content Implementation/ Product Distribution
  • Website Marketing & Promotion: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/CPA Networks/Pay Per Click (PPC) Management/Email Marketing/Social Networking
  • Measurement & Tracking: Data Collection and Analysis/Website Analytics/Lead Management/Conversion Tracking/Market Surveillance
  • Mobile Marketing: SMS/Texting/Mobile Content/M-commerce/CPA Marketing/Pay Per Call/Local Marketing/Lead Generation/Applications/Ad Platform
  • Mobile App Development & Monetization: App Network Development/marketing with multiple expandable platforms for iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, etc. with Localization…Digital Interactive/Educational Publications, Gamification, Social Games, Gaming, Utility,Entertainment, etc.
  • Arranging technical analysis for price points, cash flow, appreciation, amenity packages, and exit strategies


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