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Success Stories

Hear how iGamify has transformed these happy clients businesses

Angelique Neumann

Tampa, FL

Angelique Neumann talks to Ben about how he has helped her and her business, "Within 20 minutes you helped me get to the core of what my goal..

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Cheryl Pomer

Toronto, Canada

Cheryl Pomer, Creator of Leadership Physiology ( "My coaching model for CEO's and Entrepreneurs is now go..

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David Frees iii

" I've never seen anything so clean and concise as a tool for you to too take unbelievable processes and apply them to your business for immediate..

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Dr. Ron Eccles

Westchester, PA

“I began to hear about the concept of game theory and mechanics last year. I received a promotional email introducing "GameOrDie" by ..

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Gloria Taylor Brown

“GameOrDie opened my eyes to a completely new way of engaging the audience, and developing longer lasting relationships with my site visitors. B..

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Jordan Belfort

New York, NY

Jordan Belfort, Wolf of Wall Street ( speaks about iGamify, "When people are engaged they learn, when they are ..

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Mark Podolsky

Scottsdale, AZ

“My business increased 20% because of my consultations with Ben...Ben is a marketing genius, who can truly help you build a business...” www.f..

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Matt Rettick

Nashville, TN

Matt Rettick, host of Checks & Balances TV ( explains how Ben and are going to transform his busi..

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